In praise of feedback and a mini re-launch of WIRE ANGEL

I have been heartened recently by some positive feedback from a couple of readers of my first novel, WIRE ANGEL. Firstly from an old friend, who bought a hard copy a while back, but had just got around to reading it. She emailed to say she ‘really, really enjoyed it,’ and ‘You said it was a bit dark, it didn’t seem too dark for me.’ I also got an email from my auntie who had just discovered my writer’s website. Subject: Love your writing. She commented ‘I like your use of words in your novel – no messing around; just telling it as it is.’

Yes, these are two people who know me. You wouldn’t expect them to give anything but praise for my efforts. But they didn’t have to comment at all, did they? My initial motivation for setting up a writer’s website was to be able to share WIRE ANGEL with my friends at least, after my agent was unable to sell it. I have had some great responses from a few people for which I am very grateful, but they have been rare, making these two responses all the more valuable.

I do understand that WIRE ANGEL is not to everyone’s taste. It may be a bit of a Marmite book in that not everyone likes the present-tense in-your-face style, and the subject matter of the effects of suicide is not everyone’s choice of bedtime reading. I also realise that people have lives with priorities more urgent than the need to massage my writer’s ego, and are already bombarded with urgent calls for attention via the internet. But as I have said many times, for me writing is about communication, and I like to think there may be a few more people out there who would genuinely enjoy a read of my novel, as my friend and my auntie evidently did.

So, this is by way of a re-launch of the opening chapters of WIRE ANGEL. I have taken all but the first few chapters down, but you can contact me if you would like the whole thing, either electronically or a paper copy. You can also read my initial blog about the novel if you want more context. I may think about publishing it as an e-book at some point, when I come to a natural break in my current novel in progress. But in the meantime I will welcome any constructive feedback,(you don’t have to love it, that’s OK). Writing is a lonely business, so if you read something you enjoy, or that makes you think in some way, us writers would always love to hear from you, even if it’s just pressing the like button.


2 thoughts on “In praise of feedback and a mini re-launch of WIRE ANGEL

  1. Hi Penny, you seem to be going through a struggle, and as a fellow writer, I can relate in all levels here.
    As I continuously say, “You’re entitled to nothing.”
    You will get people to read your MS by reading others’ manuscripts too and engaging. If your writing is good enough and you’re playing your cards right, you’ll see the numbers of likes, follows and comments increase continuously. It’s how social media works nowadays.
    And get ready, because at least half the people won’t come back to your blog to “pay it back”, and you know, this is fine. Your audience owes you nothing.
    Sometimes, your audience has nothing much to say about your post, and if you have nothing to say, why say anything?
    Sometimes, they do have something to say, and they care/have enough time to do it, and that’s awesome but you’ll realize they’re only a small fraction of your audience.
    It doesn’t mean that those who don’t comment are not interested at all.
    It’s just that demanding something from your audience is the completely wrong way to go for a writer.

    PS: I’d really get a proper CP and a proper Beta, who have no idea who I am, to have a look at my book. Family members/friends is not the best idea.

  2. pennyfrances says:

    Thanks for your comment. I do get that to have an online presence involves engaging with other people’s posts and writing. You can’t just sit and demand attention, for sure. I do feel, however, that a lot of people are shy of commenting, myself included, and it would be nice if more people took the plunge, which is what I am now trying to do. This post was also aimed at people who know me, I suppose. My first novel was accepted by an agent but she couldn’t in the end manage to sell it, so my motivation now is simply to share what I see as a completed work, and in that respect friends and family opinion mean a lot to me. The one I am writing at the moment I share with my writing group and aim to seek professional opinion when I have finished the current draft. Good luck with your endeavours, and thank you for taking the time to comment.

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