The Beginning of The End

I have at last put the finishing touches on my final edit, run the spell-check, and sat back and allowed myself the relief of this achievement. I have been writing RIDING THE HIGH ROAD for about eight years: picking up from a slow start, and then pushing through momentous family crises, to finish the first complete draft in July 2015; the last two years spent re-shaping and editing.

There have been times when I have despaired of ever finishing (see my blog The Loneliness of a Long Distance Novelist).  Would I even have started this novel if I’d know it’d take so long? But my stubborn persistence has at last brought me to this point, if for no other reason than it would seem a waste of so much time and effort not to see this thing through. And I hope that by blogging this process I can inspire other writers who struggle to believe they will ever finish: just keep going, you will get there in the end!

And yes, I know this is not the end. My task now is to set in motion the production line of enquiry letters, synopses and samples to send to possible agents and publishers.  I will be lucky to get away with not having to edit some more, indeed I will welcome any feedback that comes my way.

But for now I will raise a glass, or three, to my achievement before taking on the Big Bad Literary World: crafting delicate morsels to tempt my prey, hoping I’ll land a reasonably sized fish before too long.


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