Here’s Toasting Toasted Cheese

Well excited to be included in the current edition of Toasted Cheese, online literary magazine, with my story THE MIRROR GAME. It’s amazing how different your own work looks in print. And interesting that I could immediately see how I could improve it, after endless drafts. I had the same experience when I read my story DOUBLE TROUBLE on Fictive Dream in April. Interestingly I have only just noticed that both these stories are about twins! DOUBLE TROUBLE is now added to my collection of published stories on this website, in a slightly edited for improvement version (hey, I still have copyright!) And I’m proud today to be featured in Toasted Cheese, a quality online publication, where competition is high.

Life is again asserting its right to take over and I’m having to give attention and time to sorting out my mother’s increasing care needs with progressing Alzheimer’s.  This, on top of 35 hours plus a week in my day job, puts a squeeze on my writing time. But I’ve finished my re-write of RIDING THE HIGH ROAD following feedback from an agent (see my last blog), and have started to send it out again. I lost a few months there, so need to step up the selling process to see if I can secure a proper publishing deal before resorting to self publishing.

My goal this year was to increase time spent in actual creative writing, not allowing novel selling to completely take over. I have done well in the first half of this year, producing new stories and short plays, using competition and submission deadlines as targets, as well as completing the re-write. But for the moment I will acknowledge I haven’t got enough space and time for producing much new stuff, and will focus on the novel selling, while jotting down random thoughts towards very nascent ideas for a possible next novel, or story.

Hey, the sun’s shining, plenty of tennis to watch, and even the World Cup’s proving distracting. Reckon I’ll just give myself a Big Well Done pat on the back and enjoy for now 🙂 XX


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