Novel extracts

Wire Angel Image
My first novel WIRE ANGEl, completed in 2009, was taken on by an agent but didn’t quite make it to publication.
Read my blog about this and download the opening chapters here:

Wire Angel Website Post Chapters 1-4

Want to read more?

I can email you the whole manuscript, or will send you a hard copy for £10 to cover printing, binding and postage costs (interested publishers will not be charged!)

Any comments are most welcome.


6 thoughts on “Novel extracts

  1. […] I had a number of published short stories to my name; and I’d found an agent for my novel WIRE ANGEL. Emerging writer poised for take-off, […]

  2. […] have been heartened recently by some positive feedback from a couple of readers of my first novel, WIRE ANGEL. Firstly from an old friend, who bought a hard copy a while back, but had just got around to […]

  3. […] I was writing my first novel I developed respect for anyone who has succeeded in reaching the end, whatever I might think of the […]

  4. […] HIGH ROAD in 2009, still recovering from a severe nervous breakdown. After the focussed push to get WIRE ANGEL out (my first novel), I was going easy on myself. My progress was slow and intermittent, but when in […]

  5. […] manuscript. I’m familiar with the process, having gone through it in 2009 with my first novel, WIRE ANGEL. I’ve bought the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook and read the excellent articles that bring […]

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